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About Us

Hi, I’m Bionca and I have an 11 yr old son named Carter. I’m a cultured high energy globetrotting life coach, public speaker and soon to be an author. Carter is a spiritual goofy homeschooled kid, gamer, and humanitarian. Together we want to inspire others to be bold enough to chase their dreams despite challenges.

Our Journey began when we decided to get rid of our fancy things, home school, and travel the world until further notice. In October 2017, we decided to buy a van to live in that would enable us to work, home school, explore the world and give back! This 1989 Ford Econoline is a symbol of our freedom and service in various communities. Right now we wish to relaunch an anti-bullying nonprofit foundation called the Bully Barricade.

Our values (L.E.G)

  1. Learn

  2. Engage

  3. Give back

Some examples of what Carter and I love to do throughout our travels:

  • Life coaching and delivering empowering speeches which include speaking on the issues of bullying in schools.

  • Learn and explore various regions of the world while engaging with locals

  • Cook delicious foods

  • Host play date meetups for traveling families with kids

  • Feed the homeless

  • Rescue animals

  • Clean up beaches

We want you to be a part of the journey and I hope that us sharing our unconventional lifestyle inspires you to chase your dreams, persevere, and give back too!

We hope to meet many of you during our travels!

With love,

Bionca and Carter


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