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Why We Love RVing In The Fall

Tis The Season To Celebrate Endings and New Beginnings!

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Photo courtesy of Bionca Smith @offthegridwithakid

During summer, the sweep of a cool breeze across one’s face and the sight of a leaf spiraling in the air instantly confirms fall is near. Most seasonal campers see summer as the prime time to go RVing and Tent Camping but planning a trip in the Fall and Winter is an unspoken travel hack if you want to travel for less.

Photo courtesy of Bionca Smith @offthegridwithakid

Off-Season Camping Rates

Campgrounds don’t want to advertise that their rates will be cheaper when the summer camping season is over. Many of them shut down for the season or offer significantly lower rates or encourage monthly stays because it’s the slowest season due to most families being back at work and school.

Magic & Mystery

Fall is our favorite camping season because it’s magical and mysterious. The leaves rain from the trees leaving an abstract natural and instrumental masterpiece blanket that feels and sounds satisfying to walk on. Whether you’re cleaning the yard up to make a pile of leaves for your kid or animals to play in or just hiking through the woods; fall makes it known this season is here to help you relax and celebrate as you play. Fall is a season to harvest and enjoy a quieter and slower pace with our loved ones.

Photo courtesy of Bionca Smith @offthegridwithakid

Outdoor Chores Feel Like A Breeze

Every three months, we do an indoor or outdoor purge that requires us to spend a great amount of time doing chores. We enjoy being outdoors to clean our camping gear and decorate our Rv according to the upcoming holidays.

Our Quarterly RV Chore Checklist

  • We dejunk and reorganize all the pass-throughs

  • Change our water filter

  • Check for leaks or cracks on the roof from weather changes

  • Scrub, rinse, and wipe down the entire Rv

  • Seal all windows and cracks in chalk around fixtures such as the outdoor shower and pass-throughs.

  • Lubricate the trailer arms, door hinges, steps, and any metal part exposed to outdoor elements.

Photo courtesy of Bionca Smith @offthegridwithakid

All-Inclusive Campfires

We love everything about the look, feel and smell of campfire logs and in the fall, we make the most of every fire by making good use of and enjoying it in several ways:

  1. Campsite Natural Warm Lighting

  2. Keeping Warm Outdoors

  3. Campfire Cooking With Cast Irons & Making Smore’s

  4. Warming Up Bedtime Tea With The Hot Coals

  5. Drying Damp or Wet Clothes

Decorations For Celebrations

Camping in the fall and celebrating the holidays outdoors makes a beautiful celebration! Oftentimes, people overlook camping in the fall because their children are no longer on summer break and therefore as fall approaches, it seems more like a sad end of summer when in reality, it’s a beautiful natural transition that makes room for new opportunities to bloom. We’d love to encourage more families to not only go camping in the summer but also try camping in the fall and during the fall and winter holidays.


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