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8oz Shea From The Village By Bionca Smith

-Fresh Grade A Ivory Creme Shea Butter

-Fair Trade -100% Natural and Unrefined

-Frequently Imported from Ghana, Africa

-Handled with care to ensure there are no bugs or debris


My Story

You never know what you’re missing until you have had good, better and the best! In 2017, I traveled to Africa and visited the villages to find the best Shea Butter. A local took me on a private tour to try various Shea Butters to compare the quality, and after a long search, we found the richest, smoothest and purest Shea Butter! We uncovered Shea so fresh that it was still being formed and portioned out for sale right there at the market. I brought back as much Shea Butter as I could to the states to share with family and friends and after everyone ran out, they requested more. Shea Butter can be purchased in the states, but I couldn't find anything that could compare to the purity and freshness as the Shea I acquired from the village. 3 years later, with the help of African and African American women, we can import Grade A Fresh Shea Butter directly to you from the village.


Our product is imported regularly to maintain its freshness and quality for your health benefits.


Common Uses Of Shea Butter

Daily hand and body moisturizer Treatment of severe dry skin, eczema & minor burns Sunscreen, due to its rich content of Vitamin E & F

Treats dark spots, skin discoloration, and stretch marks

Great for massages, pain, diaper rashes or hair conditioner


What to expect: Look: Ivory Butter

Smell: Earthy and Nutty

Feel: Soft, Buttery, and Solid in Cold Temperatures


-Store at Room Temperature

-Keep Sealed for Freshness

Shea Butter does not Expire

Shea Butter From The Village - Sold By Bionca Smith

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