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I’m Not a Blogger, I Just Talk A Lot.

Welcome to the official launch of my first blog! Whoop whoop! 🙌🏽

Before we go any further, “lettuce“ make sure this blog is appropriate for you. If the way I used the word “lettuce” just irked your soul; Bye Felicia!

Disclaimer: This blog is not for the perfectionist, grammar police, or cynical mindsets. This is an evolving blog and continuous improvements will be made over time. This blog is for the fearful and the fearless individuals that want to break free from their current reality and create a new one or need a boost to just keep going. Whether you’re someone that needs inspiration to begin a new life or on the edge of jumping into one you’ve had in mimd for quite sometime, and you’re just not sure how yet… You’re at the right place. 😀

Who am I and what makes me credible enough to write this blog?

My name is Bionca Smith and I’ve been through BS, and turned it into a garden! 😂

The reason why I am launching this blog is that I want to help millions of families around the world understand HOW they can completely define and design their own definition of success and conquer obstacles along the way. Every person has a story and I’m a firm believer and living proof that we do not have to stay victims. We can choose to become victorious and use the bricks thrown on us to build our dreams and take us to higher places.

I have inspired thousands of people to make some shifts in life to achieve healing, freedom and happiness.

Many of you may know me as the inspirational Single mom you discovered in one of several popular magazines, podcasts, on TV, or YouTube. I am truly honored that my story has found you because you are my dream come true. Yes...YOU! When I was a little girl, I had a challenging upbringing, and I always said that one day I wanted to inspire thousands of people to get through stuff. Then when I became a young adult, I was faced with various hardships that prepared me and made me the strong and successful woman that I’m known as today.

I pushed through all of my fears and tears not just for me but for you too! My goals have unfolded before my eyes and I am literally living my dream life. Helping people create their dream life also means I’m serving and truly living out my purpose! Welcome to my world! 🙏🏽

I am an influential speaker, life coach, content creator and soon to be author and philanthropist.

Becoming Known Online: My Story

When I left corporate, dropped everything, and started traveling the world full-time with my then 7-year old son in 2017, I never intended to start a travel blog. I merely desired to start writing a book, travel, homeschool my son, and mind my business taking a few pictures here and there. As I shared my photos online, thousands of people began requesting a blog and a YouTube channel that I didn’t have. It was only after living in a few countries within nine months of traveling and thousands of people continuously asking me to share my journey online when I then finally caved in and started a YouTube channel.

Don’t get me wrong, I always wanted to start a YouTube channel, but I kept putting it off with excuses. I knew absolutely nothing about filming myself or editing videos and I feared that someone would judge me if I made a mistake. Sound familiar?

Even though I am a public speaker, I never felt comfortable and confident speaking impromptu in front of a camera unless a real person was interviewing me. It just seemed really weird to be talking to myself. I know many of you are reading this and are shocked! I imagine you’re wondering;

“How can someone so bubbly and talkative have issues speaking in front of a camera?”

Quite frankly, I was shocked myself! This made no sense to me and I endured a lot of frustration with myself because I didn’t understand why I was struggling for YEARS prior to 2017. But if anyone on the street or during a phone interview asked me for help to get through something, you’d think my speech was prepared specifically for them without them needing to tell me everything!

I can speak!

When I talk to people, it feeds my soul and it feeds theirs too. This was how I realized what my gift was. I knew that YouTube was the way to reach many people and I was determined to conquer the camera. I spent hours at a time staring at a cell phone or dslr camera trying to figure out what to say because it simply just felt awkward talking to no one. Hours would go by because I’d start and stop the camera over and over trying to make a flawless video. I felt hopeless.

It was only when I started imagining that I was talking to one particular person that needed my help when I became more comfortable with the camera. This led to my success on YouTube. I feel it’s very necessary to make it clear that my success on YouTube had absolutely nothing to do with becoming completely comfortable and delivering perfect content but in fact the opposite. It has been said that my energy is contagious and I’m relatable. I’m also no longer ashamed of making mistakes because there’s just no point or progress from being this way.

With this being said, I hope that by sharing my flaws and all in this blog that it inspires you to get started on that thing you have been pushing off for a while now too!

If only we knew about the unexpected blessings on the other end of doing something new and unfamiliar.

My presence online and in communities worldwide has led to a lot of success in my personal and professional life. The connections and opportunities that I have attracted have been worth every obstacle I’ve had to climb.

There is nothing better than being able to wake up on your terms with the dream lifestyle that you once imagined.

I am honored that my transparency and encouragement is valuable to you and I only ask that you do a few things to return the favor.

Housekeeping Rules

1. Be Respectful of Members in This Space. What’s unique about my audience is that I have attracted people from all cultures, religions, and political views. It is so important to me that my community feels safe expressing their opinions as well as respect other’s opinions to be fair. Unpopular opinions are OK here, but if you see someone shaming or being discriminated against, please comment responsibly or report them.

2. Find a Way to Support My Work if You Find it Valuable. You can do so by making a contribution of any amount here, or joining our Patreon, buying products, and or by sharing my content. Support and community engagement is vital for the creation and growth of this blog! I’m committed to putting in long hours to create content. Your support inspires me and makes things easier to create and share information that will ultimately save you time, money and stress. Thank you! ❤️

3. Share! Please share my blogs and videos with your friends, family, and in your favorite travel groups appropriately. You never know who else may need to read something inspirational and informational RIGHT now to get through a challenging time. Please be a conduit for inspiration with me. Help me expand the inspirational ripple by word of mouth.

What’s next?

Please bear with me as I find an editor (laugh) and my new rhythm for adding the task of blogging into my weekly schedule. My goal is to produce content daily or weekly on various subjects that my fans inquire about regarding working remote, homeschooling, traveling and living in a van.

I hope that you visit this website from time to time to discover more about me and my recent unconventional journey living in a van with my kid. Doesn’t that sound crazy? That’s what most people thought until they realized how genius it actually is. #VanLife was one of the greatest decisions I ever made. Stick around to find out why.

Stay tuned and make sure you are subscribed to the mailing list. All feedback is greatly appreciated so please comment below and I will respond as soon as I can.

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Jack Dumfries
Jack Dumfries
Jul 23, 2023

You are very good at dealing with young people and touching on such topics. You can also create your own videos for your students, and you can do online lessons with them. I use several programs for such occasions. You can read more about them at this link. They allow you to record the entire screen.

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