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If 2020 Makes You Feel Defeated Read This!

I don’t know who this is for but I prayed for God to use me as a conduit to share these words from my heart that were poured for someone else to receive.

When life looks and feels like a mess...Trust The Process! When things fall out of place, the first thing we do is panic. Sometimes we get so caught up in our negative emotions and give these thoughts way too much power in a way that sabotages our process and we stay “stuck” a little longer than we have to.

When life shakes things up a bit, right away we start wondering “Why is this happening to me?” This is a great question but the reality is that the answer won’t always be given to us right away. But friend, if you knew about the blessings coming your way if you choose to persevere and do the work in your wouldn’t even worry.

The answer to why you’re going through this adversity will always reveal itself in due time.

So don’t feel threatened if you feel stuck right now. This is just a pit stop. This is simply an opportunity for you to sit down, reflect, observe, and find the message inside of your mess.

How? Be still... Be quiet...Avoid the world’s noise as much as possible and focus deeply on you and be unapologetic about this! Why? There’s a message inside you that is whispering waiting for you to hear it, but you can’t until you focus on...YOU! There’s a message inside of you needing to be heard so that you can become the best version of YOU! Some people won’t understand and you may feel lonely or lost at times and that’s GOOD! Sometimes we need to get lost to find ourselves again. Everyone’s process looks different and it won’t be easy, but it will be worth it if you just listen to what your body and life are saying to you.

The mind can play tricks on us. Sometimes we get so caught up in our negative emotions and give our thoughts and feelings way too much power in a way that sabotages too much within and around us. But what if you decided to shift your thoughts? What if you decided to create a new reality by adjusting your mentality and adopting a new one? Yes...What if you decided to change your mind? It’s ok. I don’t care what you’re going through...nobody can stop you from thinking or feeling a certain way. You hold that power so stop giving it away.

Can you imagine the solutions you could create if you simply decided to feel free from worry and free from feeling stuck? Free yourself by 1st freeing your mind from every thought that doesn’t serve you. When you feel depressed and defeated, make it your mission to clear and cleanse your mind with time and grace! Don’t feel guilty about it. Just don’t burry it. Embrace it and allow it to pass as your mind becomes renewed. 🙏🏽

You’re right where you need to be to see something you’ve been avoiding which requires your attention. So don’t try to escape this...Let go of control and trust your process because it’s the pathway that will allow you to flow towards a life with more passion, purpose, and peace with your experience on this earth. You only have so long on this planet...May as well enjoy it! Dance with your mess of success because you’re going to get through this!


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