Single Mom Cancels Brick and Mortar School and Travels With Son

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

In response to 2 Common questions, we’ve been getting ever since we left to travel the world full time 3 years ago:

"Why Did You Homeschool Your Kid?"
"What Program Do You Recommend?"

If you’re reading this right now then you’re probably feeling how I felt three years ago. After trying two different schools by the time my son was in 2nd grade, I was fed up with the traditional way of schooling and I was tired of being exhausted, broke, and unfulfilled in life. My son's education was my #1 priority. I didn’t want to keep pulling my son out of schools, but I also did not want him to be in an environment or program that was not conducive to how he learns best.

Since my son could crawl, I noticed that he loved to be silly and explore the outdoors as if recess was supposed to be limitless. The most beautiful view in the world was whenever I was able to be present and watch the joy on my son’s face as he played in mother nature without a care in the world. It always felt right to join him, but it never felt right to interrupt. Whenever I would join him, he would explore and point out things, and over time, he grew more and more curious about the outdoors.

Unfortunately, I had to pull him away from these special moments too often because according to his school, he was on the verge of not passing the 2nd grade. I was informed by his teacher that this was due to his low reading levels. For months we worked hard to bring his reading levels up to speed. I did everything I could as a single mom rescheduling meetings in order to sit in my son’s classroom to help him and understand why he was having trouble. Even though I was coming up to the school once a week, having conversations with his teacher and so on; I grew stressed, and feeling guilty about not spending as much fun time with him as I wanted. Every day he came in the door with homework and before we knew it it was bedtime.

I was tired of not feeling like I wasn’t doing enough to help him.
I took off work to make visits to his classroom…. It wasn’t enough.
The teacher gave him more homework and it was too much!

Not only was I afraid of my son failing, but I was also afraid of him later in life falling into the common trap that a lot of people ma