Single Mom Helps Future Van Life Travelers

Whether you’re taking a cross country vacation or going on a road trip with no end destination, you need to be prepared. Before I decided to travel full-time with my son I spent hours researching information to figure things out. What I found is that it was not only time consuming, but I also could not find anyone that had a similar situation so a lot of answers to questions that I had weren’t available. The same goes for when I finally got on the road therefore I had to figure out A LOT on my own. Now that we are settled down for a while and renovating our new RV, my goal is to help other travelers save time, money, and stress by sharing information that has helped me carve out a very special unconventional lifestyle with my child. From traveling by plane to traveling in our van, I’m going to show how we do it all!

Have a seat and take notes!

First I’m going to show you how we prepared for our full-time travel lifestyle. Today, I’m going to start with the basic steps and resources needed for preparation, and then over the upcoming days and weeks, I will go into more detail about the “How to’s” and provide additional resources that we used as well as resources from full-time travelers we’ve met. I want you to have the best experience possible so that even when life throws you a curveball, you’ll have peace of mind and be in the moment to enjoy everything around you.

Rule #1 Handle Your Business First!

Control your expenses How low can you go?

Take some time to do an overview of your expenses. Go through all of your bank accounts, credit card statements, and document how much you earn and spend per month right now. Then break it down into categories. What services or subscriptions will you no longer need? Cancel or freeze these memberships. Establish a budget and pay off debt.

Do you have a lease ending soon or a house pending sale?

Start getting rid of stuff while you have enough time to sell it! Get rid of almost everything and when I say almost everything… I mean EVERYTHING! Don’t store or pack a lot or you’ll regret it. TRUST ME! I used a storage company for a few months and experienced nightmares with price increases lost items, and failed attempts to access my personal belongings at my leisure.

What about your car? Where are you going to park it? Are you considering storage or a parking lot? Why not sell it and slash more expenses? I left my BMW at my residence which was at an apartment complex and I left the key under the mat. I decided to figure out my parking situation later because I needed to head to the airport for a one-way flight to Thailand. LOL Thankfully, one of my friends asked about my car a week later and offered to store it in her garage. If you are on a budget or feel comfortable, see if you can store your car or personal things in a friend's unused garage. Be sure to send them some cash or gifts here and there for this space they’re providing for you as a way of saying “Thank You!”

Are You Quitting Your Job?

Do you have a brick in mortar or remote job?

Do you earn at least $2,000 a month?

Do you already work for yourself or want to start a business? If you desire to learn more about how to turn your craft into a small business, I can help you get started.

Considering Homeschooling?

Do you understand the various educational homeschool programs and laws in the state you’re in? Ask homeschooling parents questions and contact institutions.

Talk to your child about the lifestyle change. Homeschooling and traveling full time is fun, and it's important to address any potential concerns right away and brainstorm alternatives and solutions if your child needs to be settled sometimes for various reasons. The educational program that we use is Connections Academy.

Buy Your Rig

Buy the Vehicle or RV that will best meet your needs and expectations. Shop around for great deals, ge